Company number 08087389
AMERICAN ACADEMY OF EDUCATION AND TRAINING LTD was incorporated on 29 May 2012 as a Private limited Company registered in United Kingdom. American Academy Of Education And Training Ltd has the status: Dissolved .
This Private limited Company had been operating for 1 years 7 months, and 9 days since its registered until dissolution.
Company No.
Date of Incorporation
29 May 2012
Company Type
Private limited Company
Active Status
Registered office address
Nkp House 3rd Floor Front
93 - 95 Borough High Street
United Kingdom
Date of Dissolution
7 January 2014
Nature of business (SIC)
To be provided on next annual return.
2017-07-08 17:07:09

1 current officers / 0 resignations

ALKHATEEB, Mahmoud Abdulkarim M

Correspondence address
Nkp House, 3rd Floor Front, 93 - 95 Borough High Street, London, United Kingdom, SE1 1NL
Role Active
Date of birth
October 1966
Appointed on
29 May 2012
Saudi Arabia
Country of residence
Saudi Arabia
Business Man
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